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Bonnie Baxter
Westminster Great Salt Lake Institute

Bonnie Baxter
Westminster Great Salt Lake Institute
1840 South 1300 East
Malouf 208
Salt Lake City, UT  84105
Phone:  (801) 832-2345

Biography:  Dr. Baxter studies DNA repair in various systems. In human cells, she has examined Nucleotide Excision Repair and its interface with chromatin structure. Currently, Dr. Baxter's interests lie with DNA repair in extreme environments. In particular, she is studying these processes in isolates of halophilic (salt-loving) from the hypersaline environment, Great Salt Lake. Science education research is also one of Dr. Baxter's passions. Along with two other Westminster faculty, Dr. Ty Harrison (Biology), Dr. Carolyn C. Jenkins (Education), she was funded by National Science Foundation to invent science methods courses that teach future teachers how to teach science by inquiry, using Great Salt Lake as a model system.

Category:   University Faculty

Expertise:   Biology

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