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Great Salt Lake Wetlands Assessment Project
STATUS:   Current

Contact:  Dr. Bruce Dugger
Funding Organization:  Ducks Unlimited

Subject:  wetlands, wildlife
Category:  Research
Data Type:  Water Quality
Start Date:  Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Abstract:  Ducks Unlimited’s Great Salt Lake Wetlands Assessment Project is an integral component of the Utah Wetlands Initiative and has been underway since December 2004. The project’s goal is to ascertain how to sustain managed wetlands of the Great Salt Lake for waterfowl and other wildlife in light of increased urban demands for fresh water by assessing wetland habitat quality and quantity. Current activities involve extensive field data collection and coordination of existing data for the development of a Geographic Information System (GIS) wetlands habitat model that will help to quantify and determine the role the lake’s wetlands play in supporting waterfowl and other wildlife.

Organizations:   Ducks Unlimited

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